New Event Developments One of the biggest real estate developments companies in the MENA region, The company is founded by Dr. Hamid Al Rgwy, who has over 10 years of experience in the field and is ready to lead New Event to success and into becoming the leading company in the Middle East.

And it became one of the largest real estate development companies in the Middle East and North Africa based on more than 10 years of experience in the Egyptian real estate market, with a previous international business that included a strong investment portfolio in various Arab markets.

The company has expanded in the Arab Republic of Egypt in the most important and newest cities in the world, which is the new administrative capital, in order to transfer its previous experiences and successes in urban and real estate development.

New Event has an ambitious expansion plan that includes the development of all types of real estate (commercial, administrative, residential), in order to bring its real estate portfolio to an integration that achieves all the requirements of the real estate market in general.


As a result of tremendous hard work and a thirst for a better future, New Event came to life with a strong vision and a group of excellent consultants. I believe that building a life for others is a meaningful duty that we take with seriousness and sincerity.

We aspire to build a future that is eco friendly and start a community that enables everyone living in it to achieve more in their life.

My years of experience had given me a clear image of the future I aspire to have for New Event and I hope to lead my passionate team with the same persistence I had years ago when I first started my career in the Real Estate field. The satisfaction of our clients reflect our success and it’s based on mutual respect and trust, they trust us to build them a bright future and we respect and honor this trust.

At last, I would like to acknowledge the efforts of the team and consultants who helped us get this far and keep working towards providing a better tomorrow.


We aspire to maintain world-class quality in developing ideal investment opportunities and innovative real estate solutions on a local and global level that shall exceed our clients expectations.


our mission

Becoming a market leader by providing the strongest return on investment in the Egyptian real estate market.



Providing innovative urban and engineering solutions for sustainable development


Efficiency, professional responsibility and effective community partnership, in pursuit of employee and customer satisfaction

Continuous improvement

We always strive to develop and improve through learning and resea…


We are dedicated to maintaining our reputation and integrity in all our business and business relationships


We value and invest in good relationships with our clients, partners and team members.


Years in Emirates


Since in Egypt




In the Downtown


Commercial start from
One of the biggest real estate developments companies in the MENA region owned by a group of Arab investors, started more than 12 years ago in the United Arab Emirates, during which it built a strong portfolio in Abu Dhabi and other emirates.
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