A mixed-use mall that administrative units and commercial units on an area of 4,700 m2, in the Downtown area in the heart of the New Administrative Capital. A unique and distinctive location, that has a double-face view on two sides, one on the data center and one on the central park.

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Trave Business Complex is located on the central Park overlooking Downtown on a main axis separating street with a width of 70 meters In front of the pharmaceutical companies on an area of 37 acres, the computer companies on 22 acres and next to the government district, as it is designated as the headquarters of the Egyptian government, the parliament & the Senate with an area space of 360 acres

The location is unique as it is located on the first row on the main axis separating the Downtown from the central park. Surrounded by a large number of the most important landmarks in the New Administrative capital, such as tourist towers, oil companies, the government district that contains all the bodies and ministries of Egypt, the Presidential Palace, Al-Massa Hotel, Egypt’s Mosque and the House of Representatives, in addition to Al-Shaab Square, Victory Arc & the longest flag pole in the world. The building has been uniquely designed as an engineering masterpiece that serves as a guiding beacon for the entire Downtown and Central Park area, to be the only luminous landmark in Downtown.

the design of the project ensures that all unites has a distinctive view , whether on the central Park, the plaza or the central dividing axis. The design has a 3D MAP feature, which displays the most important brands & also light shows during special occasions on the building’s façade.

An integrated project that includes commercial units with double views on the central Park, the central dividing axis, in addition to administrative offices that have the best views ever, with a wide panoramic view on the central Park

The building was provided with a number of services that help provide an ideal work environment, as the building includes a reception area that serves the entire floor, a cafeteria, a large meeting room equipped with the latest necessary equipment, in addition to providing a restroom for workers equipped with a library & headphones to play music. The largest indoor double entertainment area, overlooking the main axis & the central Park Trave Business Complex is characterized by The largest indoor double entertainment area, overlooking the main axis & the central Park.

The garage of the building extends to a depth of three floors, equipped to accommodate the largest possible number of cars for owners & visitors, safely and in coordination, and the garage also contains surveillance cameras and the ground is water & liquid resistant . The land area on which the project was built is 4500m2. The project is consists of 13 floors / distributed over administrative & commercial units. Many units are available, fulfilling all needs (Administrative, Commercial). Many units are available, fulfilling all needs (Administrative, Commercial).

It consists of three phases of 170,000 acres, the first phase is 40,000 acres, and it is the most important, as it contains ministries, embassies, a downtown entertainment area, many residential neighborhoods The road network, utilities & infrastructure for the new capital in a form of underground tunnels to avoid the mistakes that occurred in New Cairo
-The infrastructure of the administrative capital is planned to be fully ready before housing the population individuals or organizations.
-The transportation network in the new capital is very at its highest levels, one of the most important ways of transportation is the electric train, which connects the east to the west. The express train, which connects the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea from AlGlala to Al-Alamein city in two & a half hours.

The new capital includes the largest mosques, for example: Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque, which is the second largest mosque in the world, and Misr Mosque, which is the largest in the Middle East.
Cathedral: on an area of 59 acres, it is the largest cathedral in the Middle East.
The tallest tower in Africa: An iconic tower that was built with the support of the government & implemented by the Chinese company.
The Green River is a green space that connects all areas of the new capital to each other Downtown:
The central point of the new capital & its main entertainment area, as it contains various malls that cover all services: entertainment, cinemas & restaurants.
On an area of 3550 acres & it has been divided to contain all the entertainment areas, in addition to important landmarks such as the Opera, Al-Massa Hotel and the Governmental District.

The most unique thing that makes the Downtown area in the New Capital witnessing a huge demand from investors to buy units & initiating projects in it, is its distinctive nature, in addition to the number of services that make it an ideal environment for investment, but the most prominent of these advantages.

or services are the following:
• Dedicated area for electronic & technological devices.
• City of Gold that includes 400 workshops for the production of gold
• An area dedicated to art products, gardens in western and eastern style.
• A special area for insurance companies.
• A special area for fine art and music.
• Oil companies’ area.
• Main centers for various commercial activities.
• The distinctive architectural design of the area.
• It contains Al Masa Hotel (Largest hotel in the Middle East)


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